What to Expect

Basic Overview

  1. There will be one challenge a month

  2. Each challenge will be broken down into weekly assignments

  3. Step one for each weekly assignment is to watch a five minute video that explains the relevance of the task

  4. Step two is - on Tuesday and Thursday of each week - to read the blog posts that go with the week’s assignment

  5. Periodically, there will be opportunities to sign up for video conference calls, facebook group chats, or individual coaching sessions

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How to Maximize the Benefits

  1. Do this with a friend, a mentor, someone you are discipling, or a band of brothers - men grow best when men grow together 

  2. Do your homework - We can show you a road, but you have walk it

  3. Keep up with the videos and blog posts - they will keep you focused and nudge you forward

God, give me a deep humility, a well-guided zeal, a burning love and a single eye—and then let men or devils do their worst! (George Whitefield).