Challenge 1: Memorize ‘When I Survey’

The first challenge is to memorize all four stanzas of the classic hymn ‘When I Survey’ by Isaac Watts. Why would we do this? The answer is to light our hearts on fire. Only the Holy Spirit can ignite a blazing heart for Christ. However, what we can do is stack kindling on the grate, put newspaper beneath, and prayerfully wait for the Holy Spirit to strike a match. ‘When I Survey’ is what people in the Deep South call fat pine. The hymn is filled with flammable sap that readily ignites. Memorize this hymn, meditate on it, and pray through it. See if the Spirit doesn’t use these stanzas to stoke the embers of the heart into a fire of devotion for Christ.

Week 1

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Week 3

Men, there are two mistakes to avoid during the decathlon. The first is to watch the videos and read the blog posts without doing the assignments. This amounts to reading a book about fitness without actually going to a gym to workout. Watching a marathon on TV is a poor substitute for going on a run.

The second is to do the assignments without watching and reading the teaching material. There is nothing more frustrating than doing a repetitive exercise without understanding why you have to do it. Let's avoid this frustration. The point of the videos and blog posts are to help you understand the larger objectives that make sense of the assignments.