A Video Workshop on Bible Study

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Bible study is like cardio. Every Christian man knows that both are important; most Christian men don’t do either. Guys, this is unacceptable - not regarding cardio, but Bible study. Peter tells us to long for the word like infants crave milk. God promises us in Psalm 1 that, if we meditate regularly on the word, we will be like mighty trees with deep roots and bountiful fruit. We can’t not do this. Bible study is the basic PT that keeps a Christian soldier fit and ready for action.

Now my goal is to set you up to succeed in this practice. This means making sure that you have the training needed to feel equipped and able to perform the task. Personally, I believe that showing is usually better than telling. Therefore, rather than write out a blog on the nuts and bolts of Bible study, I’ve attached a video workshop. If any of your are experiencing the paralysis that comes from opening a Bible and not knowing what to do next, this video is for you.

Feel free to give me feedback. The more dialogue, the better.