the decathlon 

We all need that extra push and the challenge of something to aim for to get us to do what we know we ought to do but can’t do on our own (Dawson Trotman).

the invitaton

A decathlon is a ten event contest that tests the complete fitness of an athlete. Starting April 15, 2019, we are launching a decathlon for Christian men, not to test, but to train ordinary guys in spiritual fitness. This training event will consist of ten challenges that will push men to put Christ first in their lives, to correct their vision of discipleship, to develop godly habits and relationships, and to empty themselves of pride and vanity before God. If you are a guy who hungers and thirsts for further spiritual growth, but who feels lost and confused about how to move forward, this is for you.

Support along the way


The Cross Training Decathlon is not an individual endeavor. Though we may not know each other personally, and though the guys taking part may live in different cities, even different countries, this will be a band of brothers following a shared road to godliness. In order to nudge each other forward, each week there will be videos and blog posts explaining the purpose of each challenge and demonstrating practical ways in which a training exercise ought to influence our everyday lives. In addition, there will be opportunities to take part in online forums and Zoom calls.

It is our duty and our privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus. We are not to be living specimens of men in fine preservation, but living sacrifices, whose lot is to be consumed; we are to spend and to be spent (Spurgeon).
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how to take part

Step 1 - Sign up to receive emailed instructions on how to participate in the Decathlon.

Step 2 - Recruit others to join you: men who workout alone end up missing workouts. Guys who train with others are far more consistent. This challenge is best performed with a band of likeminded brothers. Go and recruit one or two others to join you.

Step 3 - Do your homework: each month there will be a new challenge, which will be broken down into weekly assignments.

Step 4 - Add to the conversation: join our Facebook group so that you can share your struggles, encouragements, and insights with other men who are following the same trail.

Our salvation cost Christ blood; it will cost us sweat (Thomas Watson).
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What to Expect

  • Memory Work - Mature man of God meditate on the Word of God (Ps. 1). Memorization enables meditation; therefore, along the way we will be hiding God’s word in our hearts.

  • Reading - You cannot develop a contemporary Christian worldview without taking time to read carefully, thoughtfully, and widely. Books must be read.

  • Courageous Acts of Witness and Service - Being a Christian is as much doing as thinking. We cannot be content to be hearers of the Word; we must be doers (James 1:22).

  • Christian Life Planning - Talents get buried if we do not strategically plan how to use our gifts and opportunities for the glory of God. And yet most of life planning in the 21st century is secular and self-centred. How does one craft a life plan that facilitates gospel stewardship? Wait and see!

  • Habit Building - Most of human behavior is governed by habit, not intent. Therefore, intentionality is never sufficient for godliness. We must cultivate habits and lead to longterm growth. This, too, will be part of the program.

  • Solitude, Prayer, and Reflection - Men idolize activity, productivity, and busyness. Yet, spiritual growth requires stillness, listening, and prayer. Detaching from our routines and technology in order to spend time alone before God - this will be a priority.


a personal challenge to Pick up the Pace


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The Journey begins april 15th