Our Vision

We want to see more Jim Elliots, Dawson Trotmans, John Wesleys, and Hudson Taylors. We want to see the Great Commission fulfilled today. But our conviction is that spiritual leadership requires spiritual fitness. Therefore our mission is to train guys in the doctrine, purpose, lifestyle, character, and friendship required for ordinary guys to live lives of extraordianry Christian service.

'There is no such thing as a self-made spiritual leader'

(J. Oswald Sanders)


Our Values



Guys need a clear and compelling vision of spiritual maturity



Guys need a band of brothers to inspire and support spiritual growth



Guys need rigorous training in order to produce the mature disciplines and character of spiritual leadership

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Guys need constant realignment and support in order to stay focused on the final objective - to please Christ in everything


Our Plan

1. To captivate the hearts of men with a vision of the glory of Christ

2. To clarify for men the cost of following Jesus

3. To train men in the basic roles and skills of discipleship

4. To immerse guys in a community of spiritual passion

5. To deploy men as pace-setters among other men


How to Partner with Us

1. Appreciate just how desperate the situation is by reading 'Why Guys Are Stuck' 

2. Become a financial partner

3. Invite Joe to preach at a church or talk at a men's gathering

4. Follow the development of Cross Training Ministries by signing up for our newsletter 

5. Pray that God would create a spiritual hunger and thirst in men for righteousness 

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How We Differ from Other Men's Ministries

  1. Most ministries do not give men a clear itinerary to spiritual growth. We do.

  2. Most ministries do not explain the difficulties of pursuing spiritual fitness in the modern world. We do.

  3. Most ministries train guys to mature on their own. We train together.

  4. Most ministries lower the bar. We raise it. 


Men Need Our Help

The problem is undeniable. Men aren’t maturing into spiritual leaders. As a consequence families are suffering, churches are floundering, and evangelism isn’t happening. Some mature Christian men see this but feel overwhelmed by the problem. They don’t know what can be done. They don’t know how to help.

Cross Training Ministries is about raising up a new generation of spiritual leaders. Our mission is simple: to call, equip, support and deploy ordinary guys as spiritual leaders.

The fact is that guys need more. They need to be challenged to pursue Christ whole-heartedly. They need to be captivated by a compelling vision of spiritual maturity. They need a network of friends and brothers who will support and encourage them on a lifelong journey. They need an ongoing conversation, helping them to work out their salvation in the contemporary world. Cross Training Ministries will provide all of this and more.

Are you someone who longs to see more spiritual leaders in the marketplace, churches, education, politics, neighborhoods and families? Are you tired of seeing good men settle for too little in their spiritual lives? Don’t miss this opportunity to build a new network of men pursuing leadership through spiritual fitness.


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