Men, Don't Underestimate Your Potential


Too many men today believe that the heroes of faith are a superior class of human beings, like Lebron James or Cam Newton, freaks among mortals. They think it preposterous that God would take the weak things of this world – the Gideons, Davids, and Peters – and use them as select instruments. Therefore, devoid of hope, they are without spiritual ambition, unwilling to prepare for what God might do through them because they already know the answer, nothing.

This lack of aspiration is one reason why men are content to waste the most valuable resource God has given them – life. Guys don't feel the need to train in courageous faith because, unlike Hudson Taylor, they are not headed to a foreign mission field. An ambitious Scripture memory program is pointless because, unlike Dawson Trotman, they will not establish a global discipleship organization. Most men have yet to read the invitation of D.L. Moody, ‘The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully yielded to Him

So here is the tragedy: bedazzled by the glamour of saints, men forget that, in the kingdom of God, there are no bench-warmers. They miss the hope that he who is faithful in little gets more playing time. They don’t see that the Holy Spirit is always recruiting and that his preferred player is not a Silicone Valley CEO, or an international head of state, but a normal guy with a day job like Peter, James, and John.